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Remembering: The Maurits Kiek Story (Short Documentary), directed by Cheryl Halpern

Asia Pacific Platinum Awards:

CenterLine (Feature Film), directed by Takumi Shimomukai

CIKGU SOFI (Short film/documentary), directed by SUFFIAN ZAIN

Distances (Short Film), directed by Valentina Chamorro

Family Manual (Short Film), directed by Eiji Uchida

In The Wind (Rising Star), directed by Nakorn Chaisri

Ocean Quest XPRIZE Competition Documentary (Short Documentary), directed by Danny Kim

Remembering: The Maurits Kiek Story (Short Documentary), directed by Cheryl Halpern

Rowdy Folks (Feature Film), directed by Vimala Perumal

Scent of Orchids (Short Film), directed by Joyce Lanxin Zhao

Terrolun and lunlun (Rising Star), directed by Hiroyuki Miyagawa

The Letter Writer (Feature Film, Filmmaker of Peace), directed by Layla Kaylif

The Other Side Of The World (Director, Newcomer Filmmaker of the Year) directed by Miya Wang

Asia Pacific Golden Awards:

A glorious delegation to Pyongyang (Documentary Feature), directed by Pepi Romagnoli

A World Away (Feature Film), directed by Mark Blanchard

The Letter Writer (Lead Actor: Eslam Al Kawarit), directed by Layla Kaylif

Camouflage: Vietnamese Brush Strokes With History (Feature Film), directed by Bestor Cram

Cikgu Sofi (Director), directed by Suffian Zain

Homeland Story (Feature Film, Documentary Filmmaker of the Year), directed by Glenda Hambly

Lord Finn (Director: Al Mertens, Script-Writer: Al Mertens, Lead Actor: Ben Richardson, Music), directed by Al Mertens

Miss Petunia (Feature Film), directed by tianyi chen

Please Translate (Short Film), directed by Kelsy Lua

Rieko, the Artist (Rising Star), directed by E. Geno Frazier

Shred (Short Film), directed by Akihiko Matsuzawa

The Casting Place (Short Film), directed by Tyler Ham Pong

THE INSIDE (Short Film), directed by Malcolm Tan

The Other Side Of The World (Lead Actress, Editor, Rising Star, Filmmaker of Inspiration, Cinematographer), directed by Miya Wang

Tlacuilos (No translation) (Rising Star), directed by Federico Peixoto

Asia Pacific Special Recognition Awards:

Lord Finn (Ensemble of Cast), directed by Al Mertens

SPIES, Incorporated: Night of the Harem Tent (Feature Film), directed by Gene Robinson

Nothing Means Everything (Short Film), directed by Xiang Shi

2018 LA - One Hit Wonder (Short film/documentary), directed by Shihyun Wang

The Ecstasy (Rising Star), directed by Fernanda Steinmann

The Other Side Of The World (Script-Writer), directed by Miya Wang

Xavier's Harvest (Short Film), directed by Daniel Widdowson

-  Winners list is subject to change
- The Festival chooses several films for screening only without awards being given.


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